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SWAFE is a proven leader in Facility Management and Equipment Maintenance, supporting 10,000 business locations that drive more than USD 60 billion business transactions yearly. Our cloud-based software, which automates and streamlines formerly paper-based processes, is used by our expert field organization in 29 states and 650 districts across India to transform the accuracy, efficiency, and competitiveness of your operations.

With cutting edge innovation, our SWAFE Team combines deep domain expertise across FMS and AMC operations, with a vertical focus in the Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telco and Government sectors. As a result, we have developed industry leading processes and feature-rich, cloud-based tools that address the operational and client reporting requirements unique to each of these industries. It’s expertise that works—and that leading companies have come to rely on

Disciplined Process Approach built with Lean Six Sigma methodology.

SWAFE has developed comprehensive processes to capture, report and analyze data; that communicate with vendors and customers on pending, completed and overdue work; to reduce the number of failures and recovery quickly from them; and drive down electrical usage by improving efficiency of cooling and balancing electrical loads. The Lean Six Sigma based processes emphasize consistency and repeatability in delivery.

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This industry-first SWAFE proprietary software enables the capture, reporting, communications and analysis of data from your operations. Replacing traditional paper-based processes, it allows computerized reporting of your operations against many parameters – time, vendors, consumables, inventory, electrical load balancing, cooler temps, rack temps and many others. Critical data, like rack or RAT temperatures, are tracked within specification limits. Analytics predict where failures will occur before they even happen and action is taken to address the issue. Routine communications of pending, completed and overdue work are fluffed for our operations team and sent by the system to vendors, customers and SWAFE leadership as needed. Both our customers and SWAFE have the data they need to operate to higher standards of delivery and transparency than ever before available.

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Real Time Transparency

SWAFE S-RAS® is fundamentally our operating system to manage your operations to our global standard of Operational Excellence. As part of our service, we provide access for you directly into our system. This allows you to see the current state of your operations and all issues at the same time that we know about them, and what we are doing to resolve the issue. It also allows you to create reports from the current and historical data in preset or custom formats, in grid, chart and visualization formats. This is as much an ideology as a technical capability – SWAFE is committed to operate transparently with our customers, in all ways, at all times.

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Embedded Consulting Expertise

SWAFE employs technical experts to analyze and improve your operations. This ranges from an analysis of the cost effectiveness of maintaining old equipment vs replacement to Single Point of Failure Analysis to comprehensive Green electricity efficiency improvements. What is unique about SWAFE is that these consulting resources are embedded in our operations and operations approach. SWAFE will execute the plan not just once, but ongoing over time. This captures and retains the savings generated, which in some customers has reached 20% energy reductions while improving the operational risk profile.

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Cloud Software Delivery

SWAFE S-RAS® is delivered via the cloud. This enables SWAFE to provide our proprietary software to customers as a hosted solution, eliminating the need for clients to install and run the application locally. This ensures SWAFE clients will have a fast, easy implementation process and will not have the burdens of software maintenance, ongoing operation or support. Our cloud model also enables our software to scale easily and cost-effectively to meet the needs of our customers. Delivery via the cloud also means that our customers do not need to buy any new licenses or hardware. Our software operates agnostically on their existing hardware and network platforms. At SWAFE, our goal is to make understanding your business as easy as possible for our customers.

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Green Efficiency

SWAFE lowers the amount of electricity demand for a facility through improvements in the use of cooling and lighting, and phase balancing the electrical load. SWAFE uses our proprietary Facility Efficiency Index (S-FEI®) to measure the amount of power used in functions that generate value for a customer vs the “overhead power” for uses such as cooling, the number one non-value add consumer of power. In a Data Center, for example, any power used for any purpose other than running the network and servers is just overhead. Our goal is to reduce that overhead to a minimal level and maintain it over time. Customers see reductions of electricity consumption of 20% in Data Centers and 5% in office towers. This improves your Green Index® (useful for marketing and ISO/LEEDS certifications) and, even better, lowers your electrical bill month after month.

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