The company was founded by group of accomplished executives and entrepreneurs having decades of experience in Technology Products, Facility Management, Consulting, HR and General Management.

Our Vision

To be a Global Leader in Critical Physical Infrastructure Services

Our Mission

To Increase Availability, Improve Efficiency and reduce Cost of our Customers’ Critical Physical Infrastructure

Our Values

SWAFE is an abbreviation for the Five Forces of Nature i.e. Sky, Water, Air, Fire and Earth. Like these elements are critical to our existence, SWAFE provides services and solutions that are critical for the customer’s business life cycle

Sky stands for our vision that renders us the ability to solve your problems with a systems view

Water stands for the transparency in the way we handle your operations that is core to your business

Air is for adaptability of our processes by way of customisation to best operate in the unique environment that houses your infrastructure

Fire for our fervour to serve, and exceed your expectations and deliver more than promised

Earth for our eagerness to support you as you scale up and grow