SWAFE offers Integrated Facility Management services across the life cycle of your infrastructure needs right from assisting you in designing, operations maintenance and project management of the critical infrastructure we continue to be your partner in consulting , auditing for optimisation of your facilities.

It is a one stop solution that caters to the Integration of the planning and management of a wide range of services both ‘hard’ (e.g. building fabric) and ‘soft’ (e.g. catering, cleaning, security, mailroom, and health & safety) to achieve better quality and economies of scale

SWAFE serves 60% of the BFSI segment, leading hosting and captive Data Centers, critical infrastructure of global pharmaceutical, life science company and important commercial properties like offices and malls through its 2 distinct line of business that of

Our annual maintenance services are limited to UPS, Cooling and Office IT and restricted to the Indian Market where we are deeply penetrated through our presence in the 29 states and 650 districts.


This services includes :

  • Operations & Maintenance of (Hard / MNE Services)
    • HT Panels
    • Transformer
    • Diesel Generator
    • AMF Panel
    • Main LT Panel
    • HVAC System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • UPS
    • Battery Bank
    • SMPS
    • BMS
    • STP /WTP
    • Security Surveillance
    • Firefighting System
    • Elevator System
    • Public Address System

  • Ancillary Services (Soft Services)
    • Plumbing & Carpentry Service
    • Landscape Management
    • Water Management
    • Horticulture
    • Pest Control Services
    • Facade Cleaning
    • Janitorial Services
    • Office and Mail Room Management
    • Event Management
    • Project management

  • Value Added Services
    • Benchmarking
    • PUE Improvement
    • Facility Efficiency Improvement
    • Opex And Capex Budgeting
    • Vendor & AMC Management

  • Consulting
    • Risk Assessment Audit
    • Electrical Safety Audit
    • Thermography
    • Power Quality Audit
    • Facility CAM Proposal
    • Datacenter Study For Efficient Operation
    • Air Quality Monitoring
    • Carbon Coupon
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Pre Dismantling Asset Assessment And Valuation

  • Web Based Services
    • Asset Management Module
    • Inventory module
    • Maintenance module
    • Call logging system
    • Real Time Reading Module
    • Vendor Management
    • Notification Module
    • Benchmarking Module
    • Report Generation

  • AMC Services
    • Back To Back Vendor Agreements for
      • Transformer, HT and LT Panels
      • HVAC System, UPS

SWAFE’s Facility Management Services aims to run your facility to global standards. We combine operational excellence from a strong staff, Lean Six Sigma developed processes that find problems before they happen and fix them quickly when they rarely still do, train to support the operational delivery and consulting expertise towards efficiency gains.

The objective is to set up, execute & monitor systems, processes, and a technically competent organization around the facilities. Such an organization should be capable to facilitate on-site scheduled and fault resolution support in a timely & cost effective manner. One of the important components of Facility Maintenance contributing significantly is equipment uptime. The Facility Operation team manages the day-to-day O&M of the site. The scope typically covers LT/HT panels, Transformer, DG set, Chiller, UPS, PAC,AHU’s, comfort AC, BMS, FAS, etc.

SWAFE operates through various levels of engagement model based on customer and site
requirement. : Siler, bronze, Gold and Platinum.

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Energy Management Approach

Power & Cooling is the #1 issue for Infrastructure or facility heads across the globe and establishing the ideal case consumption is always a challenge. This is attributed to myriad reasons such as unavailability of any benchmark data , poor understanding of current conditions and moreover because  each facility is unique in terms of  the nature of business supported , the  designed redundancy and its geographic location.

Thus the focus is on process capability improvement, establishing Internal rather than following industry metrics and making investments more efficient. SWAFE’s Facility Efficiency Index (S-FEI®)  is used to measure the amount of power used in functions that generate value for a customer versus the “overhead power” for uses such as cooling, the number one non-value add consumer of power .Similarly  DCIE (Data center Infrastructure efficiency) is defined as  IT Power/ Facility power  expressed  in percentage.  SWAFE uses these two metrics to identify current scenario and then sets a new goal through continual improvement.

SWAFE fortifies it’s integrated FMS portfolio by offering its guaranteed energy savings model though effective energy management.

SWAFE energy management approach looks at Capping of energy consumption for a site /building  with progressive savings milestones  such as no investment high saving, low investment high saving, High investment high saving  and further partnering  for capex based savings that could yield high profitability. We strongly believe in our ability to propose the right alternatives, implement, measure and sustain them  towards achieving the desired ROI in a timely manner.

Do you know the SFEI of your facility or the DCIE of your data center?
Please write to and our SME Consultant will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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Our Delivery Approach

SWAFE's Delivery Philosophy is aimed at achieving customer delight through a combination of Competence Driven Human Capital, Project Management Expertise, and SLA Driven Services. This delivery methodology is based on the Company's collective experience of over two decades and competencies developed.

We believe that inefficiencies can emerge at any stage of the lifecycle. It often pays to have a facilities partner who can assist your right through designing, operations maintenance followed by timely audits for improvement and thus address reengineering needs if any. The legacy way of providing FMS services is limited to allocating people to the site and then site practically is left to run on its own. This often results to a high attrition rate as people do not get to learn and hence loose interest due to lack of visibility of a growth path.

Facility Manangement Services DelivaryFacility Manangement Services Approach

Vis a Vis SWAFE‘s approach is on building a system and a stimulating framework that guides, controls and enhances the performance of the team. Our approach focuses on providing maximum availability and ensuring efficiency through deploying and enhancing skillsets of people who are driven by standard tools, process and policies.

The following are the corner stones of our model which are focused towards improving availability, ensuring energy efficiency, enhancing the quality of people. We facilitate productivity tools( play books) thus enabling e medium to implement processes while adhering to policies

  • Business continuity planning
  • Product experts
  • HR & Training
  • Audits and Mock Drill
  • Reporting and Analysis

There is a substantial planning and an execution model which goes at the back end to deliver this.

The most crucial element to this is the business Continuity plan that is built by identifying and mitigating single point of failures in the customer environment. Productivity tools like the thirty six step play book that triggers actionable from site take over to continuous improvement. The Subject matter experts train onsite teams continuously, while the audit teams engage in process audits and quarterly mock drills and a strong HR and training team aims to improve soft skills and chart out growth plan for people. All this while the SRAS gives the customers a transparent view to all the delivery aspects through reporting and analysis through all the stages of operations. The SRAS facilitates in generating Management Information System (MIS) for effective tracking and trending of each site FMS. The site team collects physical site data and uploads it into the SRAS in which in-turn does its trending based on underlying logic of integrated analysis tool. Thus all reports are standardised and it can be processed and acted upon in-turn by site managers and customers alike.

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Benchmarks as per ECCoC.

PUE DCiE Level of Efficiency
3.0 33% Very Inefficient
2.5 40% Inefficient
2.0 50% Average
1.5 67% Efficient
1.2 83% Very Efficient

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